You Know... Bloody Mary Was One Smart South Pacific Lady!

As I drove from Boston to Vermont today, I was listening to TheSecret DVDs which I really enjoy. I always find some new inspiration in them. Today I was drawn to the lesson of how you have to BE READY to accept the gifts you've asked for! And how the lessons of The Secret are - in a nutshell - really Bible based and very simply put:
  1. Ask
  2. Believe
  3. Receive
Here are some Bible references to back up this:
"And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall
receive." Mat 21:21-22
"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have
received it, and it will be yours." Mark 11:24
But in order to truly put your heart into something to ask and then believe in, YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE GUTS TO DREAM IT.

I think, so many times, those of us on the journey to good health and our perfect weight, have let ourselves slip backwards, that we don't DARE dream of the reality of what life will be like when we're healthy. So, today- I day-dreamed a good deal of my four hour car ride on what my life will be like.
  • What will I physically feel like?
  • What will I be able to do again that I don't do now?
  • Where will I feel comfortable going that I don't now?
  • How will I walk into a room?
  • Who do I want to have share my life with me? (That was a fun day-dream! lol)
  • And how will I continue to maintain my perfect weight and health - what will my joyful daily regime be?
You know what?? - I imagined it all and I hadn't taken the time to do this before. I didn't TRULY have a dream. I kind of had a vision of what I might like. But now I feel differently.

I imagined jumping into a kayak with a two piece bathing suit on and having a gorgeous man who is fun and the love of my life jump in behind me and paddling on a quiet lake and loving life. And now I KNOW in my heart I will get there. I have felt the happiness (just by imagining this!) that I'll feel when that actually takes place.
All those years ago when I watched South Pacific and loved it so much, it was teaching me a valuable lesson that came flooding back to me today as I recalled Bloody Mary's important lesson of "Happy Talk".
Happy talk, keep talkin' happy talk,
Talk about things you'd like to do.
You got to have a dream,
If you don't have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true?

So DREAM THE DREAM you REALLY TRULY want, my friends. Ask yourself the questions that will lead you to believe in your dreams and feel them in your heart. Dream and believe and achieve. We can do this... no dream is too big for our imaginations and then the Universe to see come true! : )
Dedicated to my dear high school friend, Vincent, whom I sang this song with and acted out the little happy talkin' hands with countless, happy times. RIP .