I have a new LOVE in my life...

Let me introduce you to my new love: Vtrim!

Sometimes in a new relationship, it takes a little while to get used to the other person.  Sure, at first - in the blush of the new relationship - they seem incredible, witty, like no one you've ever known before...  you gush about them to friends, to co-workers, to anyone who will listen....

But then - after a while - your feelings start to fade a bit.  You begin to see them as they really are.  You make excuses not to get together as planned.  Maybe they're not as smart as they appeared, maybe they really don't offer all the answers you believed they did, maybe they're actually not who they presented themselves to be at all... and then that blissful euphoria you'd experienced comes crashing down and you feel deflated, dejected, deserted.  Alone.

But what happens when the euphoria lasts?!  When - after the initial courtship - the relationship just keeps building and gets stronger and stronger and better and better and you find yourself saying :


Now you understand how I feel about the Vtrim Online program that I have been following for the past nine weeks!  And here's the best part... in those nine weeks I have lost nearly TWENTY pounds and am more fit than I have been in the last ten plus years! I continue to lose weight each week and am working hard at getting my fitness mojo back every day. : )

Let me tell you about what I have come to understand about my new love, Vtrim Online:

1.  It is a program based on eighteen years of University research!

2.  Vtrim is NON-PROFIT!  They're not trying to 'sell you something' to make a buck or devise a way to keep you coming back.
3.  It all makes sense.  They teach you basics, i.e., how many calories make up one pound. 3,500. And after the basics, they teach you the techniques to change your behavior.  It is behavior modification that keeps the weight off so Vtrim teaches you tricks they've researched that WORK.  Their program is proven by research to work if you work at it.

4.  You journal every day and write down everything you eat as well as your exercise and your feelings.  This gives you a way to look back and see how you're doing - when you did well  - when you backslid a bit (if you were to) - and most importantly - shows you the triggers that cause you to overeat.  They're right there in your journal.  Bad day at work?  Oh, maybe that is why you went over your calorie budget by 400 calories.  Kids stressing you out in the morning - and look! At 2pm you ate 3 cups of ice cream after you'd eaten a full lunch when they went down for naps...

5.  Exercise is key! The Vtrim Online program starts you off very slowly with the exercise and very gradually increases the expected level.  Within a few short weeks you are doing more than you expected that you could do and beginning to love it as the weight falls off and you're eating great, healthy foods, not feeling hungry and loving the level of fitness you're achieving. 
6. They don't expect you to "get it" all at once.  The 12 weeks of Vtrim online classes (I'm in week 9) that I've been attending for an hour every week lay it all out for you - one week after another - in a very organized and clear way.  They don't jump you ahead... they let you absorb what you're learning, practice it, come back and ask questions, and then they give you the next step, then the next... and it all makes perfect sense. And if it doesn't make sense for you - there is a person you can reach any day to talk with who is your online class 'facilitator'.  My facilitator is a great guy named Stuart who gave me the "sometimes it takes headstrong determination to get the job done" quote the first week when I was feeling a bit freaked out, worried I may fail. ; )

I am not failing at all, though!!  I am cooking at home again and loving it and I'm able to eat out and understand what it is I should be eating at restaurants and I'm no longer counting meaningless points! 

Friends, my new love and I are going to be together for a very long time and I'm hoping you'll meet Vtrim, too, and fall in love as I have.

Some big news!

I'm happy to report that to celebrate my birthday the first week of June, the guest bloggers that week will be friends from the Vtrim Online program.  Woohoooo!  They'll answer any and all questions you may come up with about losing weight, recommendations for exercise, behavioral approach to weight loss and the Vtirm program.  They'll be glad to field any and all questions from you here on the blog and all will be posted the first week of June.

Send your Vtrim questions either through comments to this post or to me directly at: healthylosergal@yahoo.com  If you don't want your name displayed on the blog, just let me know and your question can be anonymous.  But please do ask any questions you have because the Vtrim facilitators are so incredibly knowledgeable and they're excited to be guest bloggers and share their information with us all! : )

I really do want to tell the world about Vtrim! LOL  I would become their spokesperson if I could - I'm that convinced that THIS is the right, proven plan for losing weight and keeping it off!  It's exciting to achieve goals that I've set for myself and see myself getting fitter.  I'm turning 52 and Fab-oo in June! ;)

Here's to our health, my friends!  Can't wait to read your questions! : )