Let the Wellness Begin!

My work desk at 10am... and all the good things that are helping me with my weight loss and fitness.  

My water bottles! 
Water is sooooo darn important to keep us hydrated, especially in the New England winters when our skin is exposed to cold and dry conditions. 

Fresh fruit and yogurt!
A mid-morning snack of yogurt and fruit keeps me full until I take a late lunch. The apple is ready for my afternoon snack.

Hot tea and an inspirational reminder!
My "Life is good" mug is full of Earl Grey, a nice way to get in a little caffeine and add to my hydration.  No sugar, no creamers. And every sip gives me a peek at the inspirational reminder that life is, indeed, good!  ; )

FitBit encouragement!
My Fitbit is on my wrist 24/7 now and I have found it is really a great way to keep me motivated to get in extra steps, track my sleep patterns, and challenge friends who are also tracking their wellness with Fitbit online.

Let's make this first work week of 2015 and the hlgJumpIntoJanuary Challenge a great one!  Let me know how, and if, I can help you!

Dream. Believe. Achieve!
Jan / HealthyLoserGal