Journey Pix

Little by little,
this is how I've been progressing
for the past two years...
Concentrating on 5 lbs at a time, setting realistic fitness goals, and BELIEVING in myself is how I continue to lose the weight I need to lose, regain my fitness and health, and stay motivated!

If I can do this at 50+ years old, friends... morbidly obese when I finally began to make the changes, YOU can do this, too!  I believe in your abilities... now it is YOUR turn! : )

July 2009, 20 lbs. Gone

December 2008, approx 280 lbs!

December 2010, 170 lbs.
Just beginning to exercise, March 2010. 1st time on treadmill!

December 2010 and LOVING the YMCA! :)
 The worst of the worst...

Swollen and unhappy! January 2006

May 2007 Horrified photos were being taken
 Life is GOOD!

Walking the high school track in August, 2010 : )

September 2010 - celebrating 100 lbs GONE!
October 2010

May, 2011 Celebrating Mother's Day with my son at Mets