Greater Boston Food Bank & Healthy Loser Gal Gobblers Team Up!

There are so many who have less than they'd like you to believe.  A Wall Street Journal study recently found that 50 percent of Americans don't have $2000 in savings for an emergency.  I understand that struggle and know that many hard working families cannot manage to put together enough money to feed their families three nutritious meals each day and turn to the Greater Boston Food Bank for help. 

This Thanksgiving day I will not be hosting my regular Thanksgiving dinner at home... my son is off to his girlfriend's family's home, my 85 year old Mom has decided she doesn't want to travel or host dinner at her home and my sister and brother and families will not be traveling home to New England for Thanksgiving.  All of that said, I won't be cooking, so I thought of donating to the Food Bank and did a little research, finding out they are hosting their annual Turkey Drive for needy Boston area families in hopes of having 40,000 (!!!) turkeys donated by Thanksgiving day.

Enter the HealthyLoserGal Gobblers team idea!  I thought it would be great if we could join together and donate ten turkeys and sent out an announcement on Facebook and Twitter.  Within a day (Monday), nine of the ten have been donated for $16 each by friends.  That $16 will buy a turkey for a family of 4-6 for a nutritious holiday dinner.  A small investment by each of us so we can wake up on Thanksgiving morning and know a family isn't going hungry on this day of thanks.

I'm very thankful for all of you, my friends.  You're generous, good people and I'm honored to call you friends!

If you'd like to donate to the HLG Gobblers turkey team and help out a needy Boston area family... click here!  Thank you! :)

Here's to our health and living a grateful life...
Jan / HealthyLoserGal

Gift of Fitness Challenge: Week 8 Check-in

Simply put:  We're halfway through the challenge... we have 7 weeks left to our December 24th end date. 

Where are you on your journey for this challenge?  What have you learned about yourself?  How have you changed your habits?  What obstacles have you conquered and what do you still struggle with?  Have you asked others for help?  Have you offered help to others along the way?  Check-in through COMMENTS on how you're doing! :)