A Valentine Goodbye Kiss...

... to The Biggest Loser Season 13 remaining shows.

I have been contemplating all week whether or not to continue watching this season's shows and I've finally decided to give up on the eye rolling (Bob Harper, really?!?) and the ridiculous claims to 'my workout routine' (again, really Bob?!) and all the negativity!  Does Bob own every fitness move and someone forgot to tell the rest of the world... isn't this show supposed to be about people getting fit and reclaiming themselves through The Biggest Loser, not some personal concern that Bob has that Dolvett Quince may be training people with similar or even JUST THE SAME workout regimes and then worsening the situation by letting the people he (Bob) is training on the black team see his hostility? What happened to your tai chi and yoga balance in that workout, Mr. Harper?

But that was just the beginning of it for me.  I watch the show to be inspired and to feel some connection with the contestants that are on the ranch.  I enjoy rooting for them and laughing with my Twitter friends on Tuesday nights about the foibles and the remarkable things they're accomplishing.  I watch the 'last workout' segments intensely to see if I can find new moves to incorporate into my hours in the gym.

I *loved* last season's contestants.  Even the older woman who cried continually (Bonnie) and I felt,unfairly, blamed Ana for her own downfalls and giving up, was annoying to me but not unlikable.  I routed for both teams, for young and old and loved the season and was inspired by it.  I was, honestly, disappointed tremendously when John won over some of the other finalists but was more upset when he didn't give Dolvett the credit he had due him as the winning trainer.  Vinny, Ramon, Courtney, Jennifer, Jessica, Sunny, Becki, Antone, Joe and so many more made last season SO enjoyable and inspirational to watch from the 1st week to the finale.

This season has had people decide they just want to go home.  No real reason other than they miss their family and want to go.  Do they have any idea how many people would have cut off a finger (an arm probably isn't realistic... lol) to be in their spot on the ranch?  And Ms. Conda thinking she is not able to give one of the trainers (Dolvett) the respect he deserves and give him back talk in front of both teams during final workout?!  Are you kidding me?

And so many other things from the past weeks... I just don't feel uplifted by the show this season.  Quite the opposite, I feel dragged down when I turn off the television. When someone begins wearing an ascot to personally promote their own ventures (non-profit or not), I think that is just weird.  An ascot with a t-shirt... and the producers said 'okay' to that?

So, my decision - as much as I love the camaraderie of Twitter #BL friends on Tuesday nights and seeing Dolvett's enigmatic smile -  I'm giving up. Turn off  my elimination room frig-light... Healthy Loser Gal has left the building for the remainder of this season!

Let me know if you feel the same way or if you think it is editing, forced conflict, etc. that has made this season of The Biggest Loser seem so different by leaving a comment.  Thanks! ; )

Here's to our health, friends!
Jan / HealthyLoserGal