Let's hear those questions... plus GIVEAWAY!

So you've seen the results I've had with Vtrim Online weightloss program these past 10 weeks and I know you must have some questions about what the program is that would be best answered by the Vtrim folks themselves!  Please leave any questions you have about the Vtrim program in the Comments to this post.  Out of the questions in Comments, one person's name will be randomly chosen to receive the book: The EatingWell Diet: The University-Tested VTrim Weight-Loss Program.  And the first week of June, all of the questions will be answered in a guest blog by VTrim staffers! : ) Sooo cool!

One of the girls in my 12-week online class lost 20 lbs. in 10 weeks BEFORE joining the class by following this book alone!  That tells you how great a book it is and how incredible the Vtrim plan is!  So ask those questions friends - they don't have to be questions just about Vtrim and can be general questions about weight loss, exercise, and following "diets" in general.  (My question my 1st week was "carbs vs fats"... which is better to reduce?)

And don't forget this piece of information - Vtrim is a non-profit organization thru the University of Vermont.  They're not trying to make money off of their participants... they've worked for 20 years doing research on what works to lose weight and stay healthy and they want to help us get fit and healthy for LIFE!! Woohooo! : )

Can't wait to see your questions! You're going to LOVE the book! : )