July is going to be my month!

"X" marks the spot... I'll be back later - definitely over the 4th of July weekend if not tonight - to catch up on blogging and what is going on with my life...

But let me say this for the record:


New Pics of Progress ~ Before and "On the Journey" Shots

Now I know what you're thinking, why on God's green earth would she post these photos of herself? And a year ago I would not have - believe you me!! But the truth is, I have to stop hating who I am in order to change for the better. I have to accept I was that big, see the small changes, accept them and keep going. So... there you have it, or have me, as the case may be!
I proud of myself for having the courage to post these... I'm ashamed of myself for not facing a long time ago that I needed to get busy on reclaiming ME!

I 'photo shopped' in the hats, I couldn't resist! *grin*