Goal ACCOMPLISHED! 5K Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk a SUCCESS!

I'll blog more later tonight after work but quickly wanted to say THANK YOU to you guys for your wonderful support and enthusiastic response to my walking the 5k yesterday.  I had SUCH a great time - and had a wonderful surprise when my life-long best friend showing up unexpectedly (3 hour drive for her, too!) to walk with me! The photo up top is of me, my friend, and her Mom (who is in amazing shape at 72 years old!) : )

The 5k was much less difficult than I'd let my mind lead me to think it was going to be! The hills were, indeed, hilly and a little rougher than walking on a track but I climbed them without problem. I only stopped once on the walk and that was for maybe a minute to drink water and admire the view from halfway up one of the hills! : )

Quick photos below but - truly - thank you all! I feel so awesome to have accomplished this goal I set for myself six months ago when I could barely get up a flight of stairs without being winded!!!

Hot and happy crossing the finish line of my first 5k! : )

I received a special plaque in recognition of the
Most Funds Raised by an Individual Walker
- over $1200!
Pictured w/my Mom who is nearly 83 years old and
celebrating 5 years as a breast cancer survivor!