Happiness is Your Choice...

Believe in Yourself: Change is GOOD!

You cannot expect to achieve new goals or move beyond your present circumstances unless you change.
Les Brown
All of my life, when asked or the conversation topic came up, I would state "I really don't like change!". And I meant it.  I believed that I disliked change.  I resisted change whenever possible saying that I loved traditions, liked the 'comfortable' and embraced 'old favorites'.  The truth that I realize now?  I was plain old SCARED of change. 

Don't fear change -- embrace it. Anthony J. D'Angelo
When, in 2009, I finally decided to reclaim my own life and start to work hard on becoming who I thought I was deep-down-inside of me, I realized that the ONLY way to get back to ME was to make changes and some big ones!  And so the shift from disliking change to embracing it and actually looking forward to changes began.  Slowly at first with some trepidation.  I stumbled plenty when trying to make the life changes and there were times when the familiar seemed much more appealing than the new, the change I was endeavoring to move toward, but - - you know what?  I kept moving. When I fell, I got up and looked toward the destination and kept going. And life started changing - - all around me -- and always for the better!

And then... in 2011, I became stagnant.  I stopped changing.  And 2011 was a year of questions for me and self-examination until... sometime in the late months of the year, I decided it was time for a big, bold change in my life. I realized I'd let negativity creep into my life, worries... and with one big shove of determination I pushed them OUT! 

After 20+ years in one town - the beautiful, historic town of Lexington, Massachusetts - the town I raised my son on my own in, the town where I coached little league and taught Sunday School, and found special magical places that I would go to restore my soul at, I have decided to strike out and start a new chapter in a new house, in a new town further out of the city.  I'm doing it because it is the right thing for me.  I know it in my heart. : )

I'm excited.  Oh, and a little scared, too.  But I know this is the right thing and the right time for me.  I'm making the right choice and the change will do me good.
All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter into another! Gail Sheehy
So... please wish me luck and send me good energy as these next three weeks I find myself moving from the old to the new... and settling in.. and exploring... and, with eyes and heart wide-open, embracing the CHANGE my life is involved in.  I'm excited, rejuvenated... and happy!

Here are a few pictures of my new home... come May (when my company moves from the suburbs into downtown Boston), I'll also be a commuter rail rider! 

I'm the left half of this two family home built in 1900! :)

This gorgeous lake is less than 1 mile walk!
Dream! BELIEVE! Achieve!
Jan / HealthyLoserGal