My Reasons to DO This!!

I am going to post a list of the reasons that I want to and am losing weight. The reasons may not be all health related, may seem silly, or may make no sense to anyone but me... but, darnit!, I need to have a list where I can reference back to and re-read and remind myself when I am about to screw up.
The reasons I want to lose weight:
  • To be healthier
  • So I won't wheeze when I walk somewhere
  • To feel comfortable when bending over to pick up something
  • So I can see old friends and not be totally embarrassed by how much weight I have gained (this is a MAJOR one!)
  • To be more social and enjoy going out more often in public
  • To not feel self-conscious of whether something I am wearing is too tight, about to rip, etc.
  • So I can go into a restaurant and not worry whether or not I can fit in the booth : (
  • Because I know my asthma will improve considerably
  • So I can do things with DS like we used to do all the time, i.e., riding bikes, playing frisbee, going golfing, tossing the baseball, walking around and exploring
  • So I won't have like four chins and when I look down my chin doesn't receed into my neck fat
  • So I can pull my knees up into my chest to paint my toenails! : )
  • So I can touch my toes without a problem
  • Because I want to not be self-conscious all the time when in public
  • To be able to say "sure, I'll try that" and not panic "what if" about my weight keeping me from something
  • To feel sexy again
  • To wear whatever funky clothes I want to like I used to and not have it look like it may be the only thing I can fit into!
  • So I don't have this voice of my Dad in my head saying "What's happened to you?" : (
  • So I can casually fit into a conversation "well, I lost 100 lbs. once" and see people's jaws drop because they won't have ever imagined I could weigh anything more than 150 lbs.
  • To be a Weight Watchers success story and inspire others that if I can do it, they can do it
  • To play tennis again
  • To wear a bathing suit that wasn't the only one in the store that quasi-fit so I settled on it
  • To go back to Ireland and not think twice about whether or not I feel good enough to do things
  • So airplane seatbelts won't be a source of fear!
  • So my doctor will be damn proud of being right that I can do anything I put my mind to
  • So I can dress up for DF and feel great by the look I see in his eyes when I am out with him
  • So I never again have to worry that something I eat may trigger me to eat 'til I feel like I need to sleep from being so full

That should do it for tonight!

It looks like I have plenty of reasons to continue losing this weight! : ) I'm aiming for one-derland by Columbus Day weekend in October and I *know* I can do that if I concentrate and focus!