A ha! Moments...

No, that isn't me. *grin*

I haven't written this past week and cannot believe how quickly the time went!

The time at my Mom's house with my brother was... as I like to make my visits there... "short and sweet". It is the "short" that keeps it "sweet". lol For instance, we drove from my house in Boston to visit her on Sunday afternoon - about four hours or so with stops along the way. We went out for a nice dinner (I stayed SOOOOO on plan, it was great - not even any desert for Mother's Day!) and then came home.
By 8pm Mom was ready to get back into her regular routine (aka, she'd seen us enough!!) and TOLD us not to talk while her show (one of many... but this one was the Apprentice final show) was on for THREE HOURS!! My brother took off for awhile to just get out of the house and when he came back she 'shhhhushed' us to be quiet so we say in the dining room to talk while she was in the living room. She would turn down the volume while the commercials were on to see if she could hear what we were saying! lol My mother is a trip. Oy!

We stayed overnight and saw my uncle the following morning for breakfast and had a nice, friendly reunion with him. Then we said goodbye to my Mom and took off for Boston again. My brother wanted to do some shopping at an outlet mall on the way home so we stopped, he shopped, and I leaned up against the car in the sunshine while he bobbed around. He left the following morning but we had a nice dinner that evening with DF. We went out to Chili's which was a bit of a struggle for me, but I made good choices and felt in control.

I have to tell you that I LOVE Chili's "classic nachos" but a few weeks ago I read on dietfacts.com that the regular serving is 37 POINTS!!!!


1450 calories without the guacamole (which, I would slather on, of course!!) and 108g of FAT!!!

And I wonder why I have over 100 pounds to lose in total? I would think nothing of having the nachos FOLLOWED by a chipotle bleu cheese burger plate... another 27 points!!!

When I say "Holy Cow", I was eating like one! Jeez!

But with the WW program comes knowledge, so I know better now. I am not saying I will never eat Classic Nachos at Chili's again, I know I will... but I also know each nacho chip is about 2 points, so it would be a good appetizer to share (new concept for me!) instead of eat on my own or as a meal!

BACK LATER... WI is tonight (Thursday) for me and I'm hoping to get below the 250 mark... it would be sooo great to finally get on 'the right side' of 200 (not that there IS a 'right side' of 200 other than 100+, but you know what I mean...)!