Awesome August? I guess maybe! : )

Here we are, friends, at the mid-way point of our Awesome August challenge and from what I read almost all of us have taken the time to move more,.push ourselves, celebrate change and to love who we are today.  Honestly, these past two weeks have been amazing to witness as so many people change their routines for the better!

Friends on Twitter have lost as much as 10 pounds in the past two weeks of the challenge.  Others have walked around their block for the first time in years.  Folks who haven't moved in months and months have participated in some sort of activity every day of the 16 days thus far.  Moms and daughters, friends, husbands and wives, and single gals like myself have challenged themselves to kick up their routines a notch and have seen some amazing results.  I've gotten emails and direct messages and tweets thanking me for beginning the challenge and I am so thankful for every single one of them! Thank you.  The truth is, though, that on August 1st, I was the one who was looking for help.  I needed accountability and 75+ people stepped up and stepped into this challenge with me.  Have I been motivated and held accountable by all of you, my friends!?  Heck, yeah!  :)

Personally, I am a smidgen away from hitting the 100 pounds lost mark.  I cannot believe it sometimes as I don't really feel like I've struggled which is what so many people ask me about.  "When you felt like it was a real struggle, what did you do?"  The answer to that question is the struggle for me! lol  I never really got bogged down... I never felt helpless... I never once thought of giving up.  I believed in myself.  I was ready for real change and knew I'd need to change my life forever not just for the amount of time it would take.  And, now that I'm nearing the 100 pound mark, I look at my body and realize there is still much to do for me to feel and be 'healthy'.  At this point in my journey, I believe I'll end somewhere in the 150s or 140s.  But, when I do hit 100 pounds gone in the next week... you can bet I'm going to celebrate the accomplishment.  It will be - for me - a truly AWESOME August!

We have two weeks to go in the challenge.  I've a favor to ask all of you on Twitter.  I'm hoping you will support each other's accomplishments by searching #AwesomeAugust daily and when you see friends posting their results of the challenge, retweet and give them a little applause.  And they'll do the same for you.  This is a great way to make new fitness friends, too, and everyone in this challenge deserves a pat of the back because your intention was to get going a little more this month than previously.  So what if you have already missed more than 7 days... challenge yourself to move every day for the next two weeks and stick to your resolution and I'm sure you'll be proud of yourself on August 31st.  I know I will be proud of you! : )

Let's rock the rest of this month, friends... and continue to have an AWESOME AUGUST!!

PS: The photo of me walking at the top of this post was taken yesterday at about 7am while walking with my new (...wait for it...) boyfriend! Woohoo!! I said August was going to be awesome, I just had no idea HOW awesome!! :)