Time to Make the Change for Health

I am so uncomfortable in the 'body I am in'. I *must* change my lifestyle to support losing the weight I need to lose. It is no longer an option for me... I feel miserable. My health is deteriorating. My asthma is out of control... and I CAN change this and MUST. The link is to a list of questions about 'if you are ready to exercise' which I found helpful in a blog today when searching for photos quickly:

I am definitely an 'apple shape' now... so heavy in the mid-section that I cannot blame it all on peri-pause!

And what is the difference between the obese women in the photo below and me (other than obvious sense of style issues...lol)? They are EXERCISING!

I am going to die if I don't make changes. This is serious business. : (

Graphics edits for future use: