Facing the Music and Measuring for Success: Inches Equal Miles!

On March 22nd of last year, I bit the proverbial bullet at the beginning of this weight loss journey I was embarking upon and posted my measurements in all of their "glory" on the Healthy Loser Gal blog. At that time they were:
 46" Breasts (no pulling in... just 'as they hang'...good heavens!)
44" Waist
48" Backside (this one surprised me, somehow thought it was going to be smaller #)
17" Neck (at base)
28" Upper Thigh (pfft... cottage cheese thighs... just gross! but I'm working on it...)
19 1/2" Calf
This morning, encouraged by feeling better and knowing I'm fitting into smaller and smaller sizes of clothing, I grabbed the dreaded measuring tape and faced the music again!  And while the music is certainly no symphony yet, it does have an overture of success! : )

Today's measurements:

40" Chest vs 46"

38" Waist vs 44"

40" Hips/Backside vs 48"

15 1/2" Neck vs 17"

24" Upper Thigh vs 28"

17 1/2" Calf  vs. 19 1/2"

7 1/4" wrist vs 8"

= 28 total inches lost here 'n there in one year!

Hey! I know I'm no Gil Elvgren pin-up beauty yet... but I'm heading in the right direction! : )