The MBTA and Me and Staying On Track

So a new chapter in my life has begun this week!  I turned 54 (!!!) a few weeks ago and so –at this point in my life- I oddly seem to have a LOT of new chapters! *grin*  Luckily, many of them are of my own orchestration, but this week’s was a change in my work environs.  My company (I’ve been there for 6+ years) moved from a nearby suburban location to right-smack-dab in the middle of downtown Boston. (Cue “Ch-ch-ch-changes” music here, please!)

April, 2012 and up to 205 lbs. NOT GOOD!
My last ‘new chapter” began when I moved in January and I did that knowing that the quaint historic town I moved to was on the commuter line to Boston. Since that move in January, I have, blog-wise at least, been fairly “quiet”.  Right around Christmas time I came down with the flu (2 weeks before my move) and it then turned into one of the worst winters I have had as an asthmatic in a very long time.  I was ON prednisone more than I was off of it (prednisone is a steroid that helps reduce asthmatic inflammation) and, consequently, gained nearly 25 pounds since the New Year. TWENTY FIVE! 

It took me weeks and weeks to wrap my mind around what was happening in the midst of it happening!  I exercised only intermittently and, when I did, I was out of breath and felt out of shape. It takes a long time and a lot of hard work to get into shape but it takes a relatively short time of no exercise or activity to lose the muscle tone and advantage you'd worked so hard for!  BLAH!  I went to a specialist in April and was given massive doses of antibiotics which finally knocked the chest infection out of my system.  By mid-May I began walking regularly again  - then considered a personal trainer – decided against it (I do KNOW what to do!) and rejoined the YMCA.

My energy has returned but I am certainly feeling the effects of the additional weight. There is a shame attached to the gain, too, of course, as I feel a bit of a fraud. : (  "Healthy (??) Gaining Gal" I considered using as an interim Twitter name.

Two summers ago when Geneen Roth's Women, Food & God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything was all the rage, I tried to love it (like everyone else seemed to) but I just couldn't get into it and finally gave up and put it down.

Three weeks ago I picked up the book again and was fairly sure my yellow highlighter would run out of ink before I'd gotten all the way through it! This time, I *ABSORBED* every word and Geneen Roth's lessons and words seemed directed specifically to me. I so identified with the verse below that I exclaimed, "YES!" at the little beach I was sitting and reading at - - loudly enough to turn a few heads in amusement.

"Compulsive eating is a way we leave ourselves when life gets hard. Its a way we distance ourselves from the way things are when they are not how we want them to be."   "It* is about the capacity to stay in the present moment.:"  *Ending the obsession with food.

Leaving North Station on the MBTA Train
So this new chapter I'm embarking on really isn't about riding the MBTA commuter rail an hour to and from the new office daily - although, that, too, is new - it is about embracing the continued challenge to do whatever it takes, despite the obstacles life may lay across your tracks, to stay in the present moment and get on with getting healthy. Oh! And losing weight! : )

I remain, therefore, Healthy Loser Gal!

Thanks for hanging in with me and supporting me, and - mostly - inspiring me!  I'm so grateful for you all.

Here's to our health, friends!
Jan / HealthyLoserGal