Gift of Fitness Challenge: Conair Weight Watchers Scale Winner...

Can I just tell you that when Conair sent me my scale to review I was thrilled! This baby does EVERYTHING and is so darn stylish compared to my old Weight Watchers plain old white scale.  The Conair "Glass Body Analysis Scale" measures not only weight but body fat, body water (this is huge for me because I retain water big time apparently!), bone mass and BMI!  In ONE scale.  Plus it has 4 user memory, a 400 pound capacity, and this cool blue LCD backlight readout!  And that Conair and Weight Watchers agreed to give a second one away (this is their top of the line scale!) to a 90 Day Challenge participant, well, that made it all the sweeter! 

I am soooo impressed by how much everyone is supporting and encouraging one another and how much you all have been checking in.  We don't have to be perfect on this challenge, friends... we just need to be making progress! And we certainly are!  Challengers have lost 1.2 lbs in a week to 10 lbs. over the full nearly four weeks.  Friends are doing activities that they haven't done in years and journaling food, watching portions, reaching out to friends to join them in walks or bike rides or gym trips!  I am really thrilled for everyone.  If you haven't been completely on plan, that is okay... we have two months left.  Start fresh... four days of exercise, journaling, trying new activities, drinking your water, and checking in here and on Twitter and Facebook to support one another.

In reviewing the blog and Facebook and Twitter, I felt that nine ladies really have stood out as far as checking in these past weeks.  Jess Bentley, Pam Schill, Samantha Crowl, Leslie Burnett (Suzi Scrapbook), LilyFluffbottom, Shannon (Augmented Gem), Tiffany Miller (MrsMilli1207), and Melanie Cardell (ff12a)... you ladies ROCK at posting about how you're doing, celebrating successes and challenges, and supporting friends in #hlgFitGift Gift of Fitness & Health Challenge.

And now... without further delay... I put 1-9 into the random number generator and....
Melanie is the winner!!  Congratulations, friend!  I'm really excited for you.  Send me your address on Twitter in DM, would you? Or email me (email is in right column) your info and I'll pass it along to the Conair folks and your scale will be off to you!

Now... if your heart was set on winning the scale, don't despair... prizes, incentives, giveaways in the next four weeks include Sephora Gift Certificates, Slim Fast's new products (they're great, by the way... blog post coming about them!), Eucerin Everyday Protection skin lotion, cookbooks and more! 

I'm so glad to get to know you all a little better during the 90 Day challenge and am just so excited by all the great results both in non-scale victories (i.e., fitting into those jeans you have been wanting to or trying a new class at the gym) and great victories in weight loss and feeling better about yourself overall.  It is wonderful to make a goal and stick to it and see results, isn't it? : )

Oh yeah, and work hard! ; ) (Then Achieve those dreams!)

Jan / HealthyLoserGal

Gift of Fitness Challenge Check-In: Week 4

So how are you doing after three full weeks?  Are you feeling motivated?  What have your non-scale victories (NSVs) been?  What are your challenges to staying on track? 

I'm SO impressed with how you're encouraging one another on the blog and Facebook.  My friends, you are the best!  Believe in yourself and your own abilities every bit as much as you encourage one another!

Work hard.