Writing yourself that love letter...

I'm a little stuck on my own challenge! Who'd a thunk it, huh? 

But I sat last night and sat... and sat... and tried to write down reasons I love myself.  About five came fairly quickly and then everything else I started to write down seemed silly.  But you know what... silly or not, they're valid to me! :)

Now, I realize that "I keep my skin conditioned in the winter..." may seem silly to some people but to ME it is a big deal because for years I never, ever took care of ME!  And now I do.  So I wrote it down.  And then I smiled.

"I write hand-written cards and notes to friends."  Again, this isn't worth writing down for some people maybe... but because I love to get hand written notes, I make sure I do it for my close friends.  I LOVE handwritten anything in this age of electronic communications. 

So my February Love Yourself For Who You are NOW challenge 'love letter to self' is in progress...  but I'm liking myself more in the process of that progress! *grin*

Have you started your first letter to yourself of the challenge month?  Care to share any of your reasons for loving you in the comments?

Here's to a wonderful weekend ahead for us all!  I, by the way, think YOU are way cool for reading the HealthyLoserGal blog... you can add that to your list! : )

Dream. Believe. Achieve! ~
Jan / Healthy Loser Gal

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