Peanut Butter with 85% LESS Calories = WOoooHOoooo!

Okay, so I love Love LOVE peanut butter… I admit freely that probably 20+ pounds that I have to lose are probably directly related to over-indulgence in peanut butter frenzies. Not a pretty site, lemme tell ya!

As we talk about in Weight Watchers’ meetings, creamy peanut butter is definitely a “trigger food” for me. I can’t just have one little smidge of peanut butter over a piece of whole wheat toast. Nope. One smidge leads to 1/3 of the jar gone! YIKES!!

With all that said, I am SO thrilled to say that there is an alternative that is REAL peanut butter with 85 percent LESS calories. There is ‘powered peanut butter’ called PB2 that you can search for on the Bell Plantation site to see where it is sold locally. I had to travel about 10 miles and it is a little expensive ($7.50 for the ‘jar’) but I am happy to report


I was very skeptical to try it but my love of peanut butter and my worry that I’m going to go nuts and run to the grocery store at midnight some night to buy a tub of Skippy (lol!) made me investigate this. I first heard of it thru a Facebook post made my Tara Costa (BL#8 finalist) who said right after the final weigh-in she went for the powered peanut butter. That caught MY interest, I can tell you! So I researched, emailed Tara directly and sure enough – it is the Bell Plantation powered PB2!

Last night I measured out 2 tablespoons of the power and added a tbsp of cold water and mixed, mixed, mixed ‘til it was smooth. And it DID get smooth. It was a little too dry at first so I added a few more drops of water and VOILA! Creamy, spreadable peanut butter and only 50 calories / 1.25 WW points as opposed to the 190 calories /5 WW points in 2 tablespoons of my beloved Skippy! In Healthy Loser Gal terms that means I can have a peanut-butter-craving-fulfilling-time with eight tablespoons of PB2 for about the same calories as two little tablespoons! Count me IN! : ) And yes, I plan to have celery and peanut butter tonight as a happy snack (maybe with Granny Smith apples, too!) while watching the Red Sox game!

If you get it and try it – let me know how you like it. Oh!, for you chocolate lovers… there is a powered peanut butter and chocolate variety!! You just add water and you have peanut butter cup taste with less than half the calories!! Wooohoooo!


Marisa @Loser for Life February 21, 2010 at 10:36 AM  

I love, love, love PB2! I am patiently waiting for my re-order. The website says they are out of stock :( I miss it; hope it comes soon!