Gift of Fitness Challenge Check-in: Week #2

Lots of activity on Twitter with #hlgFitGift tweets and it is wonderful to see everyone supporting one another through the good and the difficult!  Thank you for checking in here on the blog, too... let's keep the momentum going and keep commenting below because not everyone is on Twitter and/or Facebook... some of our friends just check in through the blog so let's encourage one another here, too! (And remember there is a GREAT Conair Weight Watchers scale for one person up for grabs... if you're checking in often, you are in the running!)

If you didn't have a great week last week, don't you dare give up!  We've got a long challenge ahead and giving up is not an option.  You don't give up on your family, your kids, your friends in need, do you?  I *know* you don't... then you shouldn't be giving up on your own goals of getting healthy and fit.  I *know* it feels overwhelming sometimes and that pint of Ben & Jerry's is much more familiar than 30 minutes on the treadmill, but guess what?  You signed up for this challenge because you know you need to kick it up a notch (or twenty notches!) and begin to make small steps to feel better about who you are and where you're going.  You *can* do this! :)

I want to live a longer, healthier life.  I want the same for you and this Gift of Fitness and Health Challenge is easy-peasy if you keep a positive outlook and say to yourself that you're worth it and NOTHING is going to stop you.  Not even yourself.  This second week is often a time when you can almost see the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other.  The devil whispers "You've done so well, you can reward yourself with pizza and wings!".  The angel whispers, "You've done so well, let's keep it up and make this a habit, you'll feel soooo great about yourself!".  You're the only one who can make that choice of who to listen to! ; )

You don't need to be perfect.  No one is!  So this can be our motto of the week (along with "Make Results, Not Excuses")...
Progress Not Perfection

High five to you for committing to yourself!

Dream. Believe. (Work hard!) Achieve!
Jan / Healthy Loser Gal