Ode to my water bottle...

For Christmas a year ago my sister from Florida gave me a really cool water bottle as a stocking stuffer (it stuffed the whole thing! lol) which I have grown to LOVE! I think the company in Florida that originally produced them has gone out of business as the 1-800 number on the bottle no longer works, but I've narrowed down the company that sells this remarkable piece of my personal weight loss to Innova Pure Water found at: http://www.innovapurewater.com/html/products/all_water_filtration_products.htm

My water bottle doesn't look anything like the ones on their site but the product seems to be the same in the long run.

I fill this bottle up a few times a day at work as shown in the photo above - no tossing plastic into the recycle bin for me as tons and tons and tons of plastics are killing our oceans, natural resources.

Cool thing about the filters in bottles, too, is - if you're a hiker - you can refill the bottle in any stream or fresh water lake and not worry about what you're drinking. : )