One year later... look at the difference!

One year ago I blogged that it was time for me to 'become accountable to myself'! Exactly a year ago I wrote:
"I am worth the effort" I say to myself over and over inside my mind. "I am worth it... I can do this... I *WILL* do this...", I repeat in mantra-like reply. But I haven't been 'doing this' and I continue to start and then stop... self-sabotaging. I mean, what the heck AM I doing? I am closer to 300 lbs. than 200 lbs. And I should not even be near to 200 lbs. But here I am. That's the reality.
That's no longer my reality.  I've gone through a full year of working toward being the Healthy Loser Gal I want to become... and I'm soooo much healthier now than I was a year ago when even walking up a flight of stairs would have winded me.  I'll write much more later tonight but - for now - I wanted to post a few photos of "Then" and "Now" (not Before and After... kind of Before and Half-way There...). 

Thank you, my friends, for all your encouragement!  I am so grateful for your friendly tweets - your honesty in your own ups & downs so I could be honest in return when I felt awful and fell off my plan in a big, bad, dramatic way. lol I *know* I would not be 60+ pounds lighter today if I hadn't connected with all of you here while I've poured out my heart (along with pouring the Pepsi down the drain!) and accomplished what I have.  Thank you!!

And... you know what?  Damn, I'm proud of myself today! *grin* And here's the really cool thing - if *I* can do this... YOU can do this!


Big hugs from me to you~
HealthyLoserGal / Jan