In pursuit of personal forgiveness...

I have so much to say this evening but know I don't have the time to blog EVERYTHING I want to tell you, so - for this evening - let me break the barrier of having been away and the extreme guilt of that and ask for you all to forgive my absence.  The last month to six weeks has been extremely hard for me on many personal levels and I have - I believe - finally, this past weekend, found my footing again, reclaimed my balance and am ready to forgive my own failings, accept I don't always make the best choices, and move on.  More on this later this week - possibly tomorrow night.

But... meanwhile... this evening, I want to introduce you to a site that approached me in the beginning of March - just as we were beginning March Back To Basics Challenge - and asked me to review their site.  MyYogaOnline is inspirational.  I feel blessed they asked me to blog and review their offering because in the limited time I have spent on the site, I have learned so much and have been offered so many new ideas.  I feel like I was introduced to the site at exactly the time in my life I needed a little 'slow down, breathe, and concentrate on your breathing'.  (Cue the Law of Attraction music here, please!) ; )

Need new exercise routines to try?  How about a Bollywood Dance Workout?  Feeling totally stressed out from work or travel... take the time to unwind to the beautiful Turbo Meditation for Peace.  New to yoga and the terminology and poses and overall basics... everything is explained in detail and the basic routines are thoroughly explained.  If you are not new to yoga, I believe you'll find the offerings on MyYogaOnline to stimulate and challenge you (if that is what you're looking for) and will offer you deeper knowledge of how to use yoga fundamentals in your daily life.  As a woman (ahem... 'over 40'), I appreciate the individualized videos for those of us looking to deal with possible new challenges of aging and female issues.

I urge you to check out the site.  I have four two week passes to give away to those of you who believe you'll benefit from the site's offerings. (I can't, honestly, imagine any one who wouldn't.) To be eligible for the two week pass to the MyYogaOnline site, please follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook and leave me a comment here with a way (Twitter, email are best) to get in touch with you.

One belated giveaway to announce:  I would like to congratulate a March Back to Basics challenge, @Elle_Bizzle, who did an incredible job on Back to Basics in March having lost 10+ pounds and checking in nearly daily with those of us on the #hlgB2B challenge.  Her enthusiasm helped inspire others and, for that gift, she is receiving a 1 year Premium Unlimited Membership pass to MyYogaOnline.  Enjoy it, my friend, it is well deserved and you're going to love their site! : )

Dream. Believe. Achieve.
Jan / HealthyLoserGal