December Challenge: A Gift of Health to Yourself!

Right around the beginning of November every year you will hear people begin to talk about all the holiday stress they're under.  Magazines suggest ways to alleviate your holiday stress.  Television shows like Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray give tips on how to deal with the stress of the holidays!  


I'm not buying into the whole "holidays = stress" thing!  I declared my intent to have a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving and I did.  Granted, there was a 15 minute period of crazed running around my kitchen just before dinner was served, but that is normal... and everything came out beautifully and my family and I all enjoyed a nice, leisurely meal together, reminiscing and laughing.

So now comes December fraught with all the food temptations, social events, expectations of the holidays.  People talk about how much they have to do, how they'll never get everything done, how it gets worse every year, and on and on and on.  Well, you know what? I'm not buying into the December stress either! : )

December can be a truly magical time if you let it unfold around you.  Sure there is more to do with the holidays, the events, the expectations, but it doesn't have to be stressful.  Let's not let it be, friends!

I challenge you to have the month of December be a gift you give to yourself. You know the old Christmas carol of The 12 Days of Christmas and how on 12 days leading up to the holiday, a number of gifts were given to profess one person's love for another.  Right now, mark on your calendar or iPhone or Outlook calendar or wherever, the 12 days when you'll get to the gym, or walk, or do a fitness DVD, or get your exercise in!  Then mark down another 12 days of when you'll plan out your food and stick to your plan.

There are tons of opportunities in the midst of this busy season to get great exercise in... plan on an extra fast lap around the mall before you start shopping, park way in the farthest lot of the supermarket and speed walk into the store every time you go this month, slip skates onto your feet for the 1st time in years at your neighborhood ice rink and enjoy relearning a childhood skill.  Laugh when you fall down because laughing is good for you! :)   I know you can find ways to plan in exercise which is a gift you give yourself as it relaxes, reduces stress, and feels good to plan something and carry through on it. 

You're going to be doing a lot of things for others this month... #DecGift lets you give the best gift of all to yourself:  the gift of health.  Mark down at least 12 days for exercise/walking/etc. and 12 days of planning your meals ahead and sticking to your plan.

Are you "in" for the December #DecGift challenge?  Let's have a wonderful month... full of health and happiness!

HLG / Jan