Oh, Klout! Why must you toy with me?!

For nearly two months I could not access Klout. Nope.  I could get onto the site but everything was blank with the exception of the top grey search bar and menu so that I could see my Klout score slowly but surely drop and drop and drop. LOL  And I *like* Klout so was feeling badly that I couldn't get on.  I've gotten some very cool Perks from the site.  I finally decided to install Google Chrome on my home PC and voila!  Klout works for me again.  And what do I see when I look at the Weight Loss Influencers section? A quote from me about the Back to Basics challenge!!   You're toyin' with me, Klout... must you be so 'in my face' about it? : )

Just had to 'share'!

Here's to our health~
Jan / HealthyLoserGal