Headstrong Determination!

I don't know about for you, but for ME, the saying above really hit home!  I do have HEADSTRONG determination when I put my mind to it.

Some people in my past have criticized me for being 'headstrong' and 'stubborn'... well, guess what?  I think I've finally found a reason to be proud of it!  It is going to help me lose the next 50 lbs. and get my backside to the YMCA and begin exercising.  My Vtrim facilitator, Stuart, wrote those words to me in an email this week... "Some times it just takes some headstrong determination and I know you can do this!"  He had no idea how much those words would impact me. (I've since told him.)  They changed me... pushed me to the front of the crowd...

I *am* going to do this!
I *am* going to rock the next 11 weeks with Vtrim and the Y!
I *am* going to reach my goal weight this summer and...
I *am* going to be a healthier, better version of myself.

Negative thinking, fear of failure, old 'tapes' in my head... do you think you can stop me!? Just try! You're going to be hugely disappointed.

Yeah, baby... it's Watch Out World multiplied by Irish will and German stubborness. 

Bring it on! :)