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I think it helps me stay accountable if I go to meetings and keep checking in on the WW boards. The girls are all so nice on the 40+ group that I tend to always check in there, but I've also been posting on the 100 pounds to Lose group and they're a fantastic bunch, too. And, like me, they have a lot of weight to lose. A few are really inspiring, too. One of the girls, Sondra, was a "Success Story" in this past issue of WW Magazine and also is in the online success stories. And she's just as encouraging and nice as could be as she has BEEN THERE and now is running marathons! : ) Pretty inspiring stuff!

If I drink three big 64oz bottles of water daily (they say you're supposed to drink your weight in oz!), that does seem to help me keep on the right path. I also think it helps keep me full... well... let me rephrase that... "fullER". I don't remember the last time I was truly push-that-away-I-couldn't-possibly-eat-it full.

So weigh in was disappointing for me last night. I only lost one pound this past week. I know it is still 'in the right direction' but - jeez! ONE pound? Not even 1.2 lbs.? lol C'mon!! I am consoling myself by believing that it is more than that and next week will be a huge loss when and if I finally get my period. I HATE peripause. I just am so darn achy - and not in the most cheerful of moods. Blah. Oh, and I purposefully stopped at the local market on the way home from the meeting and bought tons of fresh veggies and fruit but ALSO purposefully bought not one - but two - cinnamon rolls and this chicken salad and dinner rolls I have been craving. Ate them all last night. I knew what I was doing - I know it means I am out of flex points for the week but I did it - I got it over with - I logged in the points (yikes!!!) and it is over. The scale showed no difference this morning but I am sure it will. I got THAT out of my system!

Do you have plans for Mother's Day?

More soon - - - I feel like I am writing a book here! lol

Big hugs and happy (early) Mother's Day!!!

Jeeeeez I am hungry...

It *has* to be ToM 'cause I am still on plan only 'cause of the weekly flex points. I have been really battling to stay "healthy" here... but I want a box of chocolate candy in front of me and me with my feet plopped up on some divan (who even has those things?! lol) and feeling all "oh, man .... this is the life"... maybe a glass of wine within arms' length, too! *grin*

I'm sticking to it - but I have to tell ya - it ain't easy these past couple of days. Boy-oh-boy!!

I guess I really DON'T want to look like the illustration below but she does look like she's enjoying herself! : )
But... so the saying goes... nothing tastes as good as thin feels. Tonight I'm having a hard time believing that, but I'm trying!