So ask me how Weigh In went tonight? Go ahead, ask!! : ) In this past week I have lost


You saw that right. Ten pounds. Actually 10.2 lbs in one week. Oh yeah BayBee!!! Wooohoooo. I worked the plan all week - counted points - didn't "cheat", drank water - watched salt, no sodas, had my dairy, EXERCISED (hello?? what is up with THAT!?!), and guess what - it worked!!! TEN POUNDS!!! As DF said to me tonight on the phone "that is a Biggest Loser number!". Damn straight it is! lol

I am thrilled and also dog-tired so going off to bed. DF and I are going to Connecticut for the weekend - tomorrow night to the MGM Grand at Foxwoods to see Bruce Hornsby in concert which I'm really psyched for! : ) And the hotel we're at has a small pool and a workout room which means I am trying the exercise equipment. Me, on a treadmill, who'd a thunk!?! : )

I am GOING TO DO THIS!! I am losing this weight once and for all. I *AM* doing it. Ten pounds... gone. I'm 1/5 of the way to my first big goal. 1/9 of the way to my goal!!!! YEAH!