Slow Sunday...

Hi - I am home today. It feels so great to just be home by myself - setting my own schedule, I can't even express it! Got up and went to church which I really enjoyed. The Episcopal church in Arlington has a jazz quartet during parts of the service and they are really awesome. And the priest (we call them Priests in the Episcopal church, too... not just Catholics have that practice) is great... love his sermons. They always leave me with so much to think about and try to act on.

And finally the weather here is getting nicer... I saw the 1st robin of Spring yesterday, and it is sunny out today - probably in the 50s or low 60s. But I am inside and cleaning and boy-oh-boy does my bedroom and bathroom need it. It is so dusty which is awful for my asthma so I am cleaning.

Being OBESE (yes, I am... may as well admit it rather than pretend otherwise) does not make it easy. I'm vacuuming window blinds and under the bed and I'm huffing and puffing and sweating. JEEZ!!! How did I let this happen. I decided since I was going to be home today anyway I may as well take a water pill. It hasn't upset my stomach which it sometimes does, so that is a blessing - but it sure is working! lol I was doing things downstairs when it first "hit" and I was running up and down stairs so often I decided to just 'give in to it' and clean upstairs! *grin* I bet I've lost a couple of pounds today in water weight!! My ankles aren't as swollen up as usual from the water pill working... usually I have ankles like the ugly step sister to Cinderella below!

The water retention (and the fact I needed to recover a few minutes from cleaning before I get at it again) made me sit down to look for water reduction remedies and I scored a great article which is Most of the things I have been doing - well... let me rephrase that... most of the suggestions I *know* about and *should be* doing. I do drink cranberry juice... I do eat bananas. I do drink a lot of water. But I'd forgotten about cabbage being a diuretic naturally... and yogurt stimulates the system to work properly... I eat plenty of yogurt during the week so that is covered. The other weird thing is that I have had sarcoidosis in the past and the most recent manifestation has been on my leg, just above my right ankle and up and onto the shin... showing in red blotches that do not - whether the sarcoid is active or not - disappear. Pretty ugly to look at. But - nothing I can do about that so I choose not to worry over the look of it. I worry plenty over the things I *can* do something about. : )

Off to log in my food for today on the Weight Watchers site!!