I'm feeling so incredibly BLOATED today... I weigh in tonight and my weight had best be DOWN 'cause I've worked the program all week AND exercised. But I think my old friend 'diverticulitis' (sp?) may have flared up as I feel like I have a Jackie Gleason belly this morning.
I rarely eat more than a handful of popcorn and I popped a 100 calorie bag of Jolly Time Kettle corn (1 pt for WW) last night and ate it all while watching American Idol. I don't think popcorn and diverticulitis go well together. That is what it feels like. I did take 1/2 a water pill with my normal asthma meds (actually this a.m. I took: 20mg prednisone, theodur, doxycyclin, 1/2 lasix pill, prilosec and 500mg puff of Advair). I've been trotting to the Ladies Room a little bit but nothing like Sunday. Thank goodness I only took 1/2.

(click on the blow fish graphic to see the full effect! *grin*)
I did 45 minutes on the WiiFit last night. I moved up into Advanced on Step Aerobics which - once I got the hang of it - was fun. I didn't try advanced yet. It always helps when you have the Wii platform aiming the right way... which I didn't... so when I was trying to 'head' soccer balls and would lean to the right - the graphic Mii would lean to the left... at first I thought it was part of the balance program... but then - BLONDE MOMENT - realized I had the thing turned around the wrong way. Amazingly so much easier when facing the right way. *grin*

I cannot do basic yoga moves without falling over practically. The WiiFit tried to break this to me kindly "You can't do these moves." lol I can ski jump with the best of them (from my old Killington Mtn skiing days, no doubt!)... and I seem to be able to hold the 'half moon' position in Yoga far longer than the Wii expected. All in all, still having fun ... the responses of the game make me laugh and I like how it charts your progress. I was down 1.2 lbs. last night (Wednesday) since 1st logging in on Monday and was wearing the same clothes. All good.

Back to work for me - tons to finish up today as I'm taking tomorrow off to go to Connecticut with DF. I have free tix to a Bruce Hornsby (love him!) concert at Foxwoods MGM and then we're spending two nights in Mystic, CT. I'm actually looking forward to it. : )

I plan to have Progresso 1pt soup for lunch and then that will be it (maybe a banana this afternoon) before WI tonight at 6:30.