I did, indeed, get the Wii Fit last night and - after procrastinating about setting it up for awhile - I actually set it up, logged in all my info and got going on it. It was A RIOT!! I found myself laughing because I am so incredibly uncoordinated. My first go-round with the step aerobics should have been filmed for YouTube! lol The little easy arrows with the step up and then step down and step over and then step up? OMG! LOL I felt like I was playing Twister part of the time... my feet were crossed and I was doesey-doeing! It was funny. I think the 1st attempt I got something like 17 right, 84 misses. I turned that around after three attempts for the 1st one was not to be missed! : ) I also am the age of a 62 year old... and my little Wii-Jan hung her head in shame! It really is fun. I have near perfect balance which the machine seemed quite surprised at! pfft. And I'm a whiz at the "soccer heading"... no surprise there, I've been banging my head against things in life for years! *grin* I was a little out of breath when done with 40 minutes but that is great for me! And I gained APs so even better.

Back tonight after I try to convince the Wii Fit I can follow directions! ; )

PS: I just realized that if I post the "before" photo I took last night when getting home from work (before Wii'ing) that it might not be so startling as posting it by itself in a separate entry... so (deep breath.............) here it is (and it is REALLY BAD... I took it, looked at it and four others I took and am NOT posting and thought "how did I let myself get to THIS?!):