FitTastic Fun with FitStella at Healthworks Fitness..."You're in Beantown, Stella!"

So much fun to have FitStella visiting me this week, all the way from Austin to Boston! 

As I mentioned August 1st, you can find out a little bit more about FitStella and her counter-part, FitStanley on MizFitOnline's site, but the original idea came from the worldwide Flat Stanley Project with MizFit's daughter.  From FlatStanley was born the idea of FitStanley... and (insert Marlon Brando montage here) everyone knows that Stanley goes hand-in-hand with Stella. *grin* (Yes, I'm doing the "Stelllahhhhh" yell as I write this!)

So tonight, I bring you a little preview of what the FitStella visit wrap up at week's end will hold...

FitStella and HealthyLoserGal
Hit the Gym!

Hey! Look who has been waiting
for me to get out of work!
Healthworks Fitness in Porter Square is really great..
FitStella agrees!

Dream. Believe. Achieve!
Jan/ HealthyLoserGal
& FitStella : )