An Awesome August 1st in Pictures : ) PS: FitStella Arrives! (Woot!)

I've had a great on-plan day for the first day of the Awesome August Challenge... so great and so busy that I'm tired out and want to get to bed to get a good night's sleep to start it all again in the morning! : )

So tonight's post is a pictorial (kind of...) of Monday, August 1st... a day in the life of a healthy loser gal! *grin*

Breakfast looked something like the photo over there... 'cept it was plain yogurt and raspberries and blueberries. But the photo I took of breakfast is on my work laptop which is... unfortunately... in my office.

I made a turkey, avocado, tomato with dijon mustard sandwich for my lunch at home and brought it into the office... with a fresh, juicy peach.  Really delicious! :)

Did my food journal thruout the day!

After work I headed for my first workout at Healthworks in Porter Square to take advantage of the all club pass I won at FitBoston.  I really "got my sweat on" and was only there for 35-40 minutes working out.  More on Healthworks tomorrow night, but this is a photo of Danielle who oriented me to the great fitness club and spa yesterday.  She shared with me that she has lost 100 lbs and started at over 230 lbs.  Now she's toned and sculpted and just ran over 4.5 miles last week.  So very cool. 

Drove back home and was pretty tired out by this point, but - lo and behold!  What is this in my mailbox?! Ohhhh... woohooo.... Fit Stella has arrived in Lexington!   She and I are going to have an awesome week together.

What's that? Who or what is FitStella?  Well - short 'n sweet, you can read about her on MizFitOnline's site but you'll be seeing her plenty this week on the blog.  She's a world traveler... she's a health icon... a fitness guru.  And Stella and I have some sites to see, some healthy food to eat, some adventures in store.  Stay tuned!

Nearly 8:30pm by the time I'm out of the shower, flowers are watered and I'm ready to make my planned dinner.  Huge salad with balsamic dressing, skinless 4oz chicken, fat free Hood cottage cheese with a little salsa on both the chicken and cottage cheese - oh so delicious.  And a small (4oz) glass of Reisling.  Reward for staying on plan and a great day!

A pretty perfect day, all in all.  August really IS going to be awesome! : )

Dream... because we all need to believe we can do great things.
Believe... 'cause when you truly believe and work hard toward your dreams, great things begin to happen!
Achieve... you'll be amazed at all the goals you'll surpass, all the magical moments your life will hold!

Jan / HealthyLoserGal


agrisham August 2, 2011 at 10:19 AM  

Love! Love! Love! the idea of salsa on cottage cheese!