Health Is The Greatest Gift... December to Remember

Health is the greatest gift,
contentment the greatest wealth,
faithfulness the best relationship. 

December is going to hold GREAT THINGS for me and – if you want to join me – for you, too!  My intention is to jump back into the sane, planned, ordered life where I give as much attention to my own health and happiness as I do to those around me. My past two months of vegging in front of mindless television at night because I am just so exhausted from facing life’s challenges are OVER!  Done! Caput!  (Is that a word? lol)  I have had some major challenges the past few months and I am ashamed at the way I pushed my health and fitness to the back-burner and fell victim to old, bad habits.

But I am the only one in charge of my health and happiness.  No one else is going to make things different in my life besides myself.  Even December’s promise of Santa’s visit can’t bring a magical weight loss or present that will make me not need to get up off my lazy butt and exercise regularly.

There is only answer for me: REGULAR activity and DAILY monitoring of food going into my body!  Not once in a while going out for a walk.  Not walking down to the Post Office (1/2 mile round trip!) and thinking “oh, I got my walk for the day in!”.  Not watching what I eat and portion sizes four out of seven of the days in the week.  Nope.  REGULAR and PLANNED exercise and activity and EVERY SINGLE DAY of planned food and measured portion size.  I *KNOW* this works for me and I know it will work for anyone else who commits to their own success and health and happiness!

Okay, not THAT kind of Amazonian! 
I have had some exciting news in the past few weeks.   I am an Amazonian! lol  I have accepted a position with Amazon in their Cambridge, MA new office.  I will be out in Seattle for training and to meet some of my long-distance peers next week.  Am I concerned about being able to do the job? Nope!  I know I will rock the job.  What am I concerned about???  My WEIGHT!  Argh!!  I thought I was done with this… but slowly and surely I have had regained weight and now is the time to take it off.

I am turning my back to all the advertisements and articles about “Holiday Weight Gain” and turning on this incredible December gift to myself called WILL POWER!  In December of 2010 I actually lost weight during the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas and was at my lowest weight, exercising regularly and loving life.  December weight loss and finding time for fitness can be done and I plan to do it AGAIN – come join me! J

Let’s make this December the month of our lives when we look back for the rest of our long, healthy lives and say, “December 2012 was the month when I really turned things around for myself.  When I regained myself and my will power.  When I became proud of myself again.  December 2012 is when I finally COMMITTED to me!”  How great will that be to say from here on in for the rest of your life?  Let’s DO THIS! 

Continue on to the December to Remember Challenge post (below this one) for details if you’d like to join in with me!

Here’s to our health!

Dream. Believe. Achieve.
Jan / HealthyLoserGal