"All In!" August Challenge

In a little more than a month, I will be flying to Ireland for 17 wondrous days as I start a six week sabbatical from work.  I am so grateful to my employers for giving me this paid sabbatical and so excited to explore Ireland for that many days and see sites that I have not been to before, revisit places I love and experience my favorite place on this beautiful planet on my own time schedule.  I leave on August 31st.

Between now and then, I have a month... the month of August to get back on track and where I want to be. To rejuvenate both my fitness routine and my health... and myself.  I will regain me again.  No excuses. No reasons that I can't do something.  I can regain my fitness and my positive energy and I will.  I am ALL IN for AUGUST!

Five days a week I will be in the gym.  I am fortunate that Fisique Fitness is in the Financial District in downtown Boston and right down the street from my relocated office. No excuse there.  I will be there daily during the work week and should be able to get 45 minutes of intensity in during my lunch hour or before the work day. I will be walking every day with my dog, Rauri, and on my own for a power walk.  Every day.  Rain or shine.  

I will continue to monitor my foods and try to eat whole foods (nothing processed) whenever possible. I will journal daily every meal and plan my foods in advance which is key for me because when I do not plan out my meals, I tend to grab whatever I want to grab.  My food will be low fat and low carb... and I won't be drinking my calories.  As much as I love Nantucket Nectars, they're high in calories and out the window for August for me. 

I'm hoping that you will join me in this intense month.. this month of ALL IN! You can do it, too.  You have some goal that you've been putting off - - maybe this is the month to commit to yourself, as I am committing to myself, and say "Yes! I can do this! I am worth this effort! I will succeed!"  And mean it.  And do it.

Let me know if you are 'in'.  You can set your own plan but to be in the challenge for August you need to do three things:  1) commit to 5x week of some sort of exercise that will get your heart rate pumping for at least 30 minutes 2) journal (your food and your emotions, your day food plan.. something) and 3) check in here through the Comments or on Facebook or Twitter with the hash tag of #hlgAugAllIn.

I will not going to Ireland feeling like I could have done more.  I will not have flabby arms in the photos I take. I will not be out of breath hiking up Croagh Patrick. I will try new things. I will be confident of how I look.  I will be satisfied with the effort I put in during August.  

Here's to our health, friends!


Jan / HealthyLoserGal


LostnThought July 30, 2012 at 12:50 PM  

Ireland? OMG can I be a stow away??

Girl I am thrilled for you! I would not know what to do with myself to have that much time off work. There is no way in hades that I could take that much time off from my job! I'm the only office person! This place would fall apart for sure!

I too am trying to get back on track, boy have I fallen off big time! So I am ALL IN! I'm stopping by the store on the way home to get me a journal, it's time I started doing that! Too many people swear by it!

We can do this!!


HealthyLoserGal July 30, 2012 at 3:07 PM  

Lisa, wish you could see the big smile on my face! I am so thrilled you're joining in the challenge! We CAN and we WILL do this, my friend! :)


Suz and Allan July 31, 2012 at 4:38 PM  

This sounds like a great challenge! Have a wonderful time in Ireland!

db minutilli August 1, 2012 at 9:23 AM  

Hi Jan,
I want to join your challenge, recently saw some pictures of myself and oooff, not good. Haven't gotten on the scale yet. I am wearing my fat clothes. I have used lots of excuses for eating more than I should lately, building a house, Dad in Hospice care, new job, etc., but the excuses can go on forever. I have a journal that I use occasionally and will continue to. I just have to figure out the aerobic exercise part, where and when. So, I'm in!!!

HealthyLoserGal August 1, 2012 at 10:16 AM  

Suz and Allan, thanks! :) I know Ireland will be the trip of a lifetime and I plan to relish every single second! :)

HealthyLoserGal August 1, 2012 at 10:19 AM  

Hi db - sooo glad you're joining. I hear you loud and clear on wearing the fat clothes. I have been doing the same all summer and am sick of it! Plus, I gave away most of my good 'fat clothes' last year. Both a good and bad move! ;) Walking is the best aerobic exercise in the world... if you have kids, grab 'em and take them on a hike with you every day. Or carve out some alone time! :) We can do this!!

Leslie August 1, 2012 at 4:07 PM  

Congrats on your trip! That will be wonderful!

I'm all in. I am running the Disneyland Half Sept. 2 so I've been running, but not doing yoga as much as I should. I just started journaling my food again so this will help keep me on track.

We are in Washington, but will be moving into our new house in two weeks so I'm nervous about that knocking me off track. Gotta stay focused!


Kat August 1, 2012 at 8:27 PM  

I am in! Back to the basics for me. A green smoothie or green veggie juice everyday and some form of exercise everyday. Thank you Jan! xo

ff12a August 15, 2012 at 11:24 AM  

You know I am all in as best as I can! :) I will do anything I can to help you out too! I am thinking about signing up for the Tough Mudder in June of next year that way I have a goal to focus on.