The Proof is in the Pictures...

I keep forgetting to post this photo of me at Christmas time this year vs. Christmas time a year ago! :)

Mm-Mm-Good! ZERO Points Soup!

Remember the old Campbell Soup commercial jingle? Mm mm good... mm mm good... that's what Campbell Soups are... Mm Mm Good!  Well, I was singing that on Sunday in my own kitchen when I tasted the delicious Weight Watchers O points soup I made.  The recipe is from this past week's flyer (reminds me of Weekly Readers in grade school) which is a new benefit that 2010 brings to WW meetings.  We used to occasionally get recipes, but now can look forward to them every week whether or not we're subscribed to the online WW program.  I happen to be a e-tools subscriber so am fortunate to have all the WW recipes literally at my fingertips. :)

January in New England is historically our coldest month of the year so SOUP seems like the perfect anecdote to the temps outside when you rush in the door after work.  And a ZERO POINTS soup is right up my alley 'cause I can bring it to work in a glass jar and heat it up in the microwave for an afternoon snack! Plus it adds in four servings of daily vegetables if you have two cups of the soup.  All good! : )

I changed up the recipe a little bit.  I didn't add spinach... I used crushed tomatoes... I omitted the oregano and added a little bit of chipotle... instead of two stalks of celery and two carrots, I used three of each.  And - it was really really good! My son loved it, too, and he's a hard sell sometimes! : )

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Bon app├ętit! ; )