Gift of Fitness Challenge: Week 8 Check-in

Simply put:  We're halfway through the challenge... we have 7 weeks left to our December 24th end date. 

Where are you on your journey for this challenge?  What have you learned about yourself?  How have you changed your habits?  What obstacles have you conquered and what do you still struggle with?  Have you asked others for help?  Have you offered help to others along the way?  Check-in through COMMENTS on how you're doing! :)




ff12a November 14, 2011 at 12:44 PM  

Well here is my check in ( good and bad). The last two week have been really rough on me. I had to have my cat put to sleep. He was real sick but he was also my constant companion for 7 years. Although he was sick it was quick and unexpected. Two days later I had person close to me pass away. The funeral was a big deal as he was our past Fire Chief among many other things. I also have not being going to the firehouse for calls because I was having problems with people gossiping and such. The funeral basically forced me to go back. So what did I do? I went straight back to my old habits of bad comfort food. I did manage to walk the dog 5 times a week. A dog walk is 3 miles. I also managed to get to the gym and swim a few times a week. But swimming caused a sinus infection and I am still trying to fight it off now. No swimming until it is completely gone. My job changes on Friday - stay later at night but go in later also. All of that being said I am still down 2 lbs. I wish it was more but everything considered I think it is acceptable. The one great habit that I have picked up is that I drink tons more water than ever before. I think that is thanks to the Brita bottles I have picked up. I always have one with me. I have not had a single soda since the start. Major victory there as I had a huge Diet Pepsi addiction. My mouth waters just writing Diet Pepsi so every day it really is a struggle. I took the Halloween candy and moved it from next to the sofa to across the room. I hardly eat any of it anymore. Sorry for the book but sometimes it helps when I put it all out there. :)

Lily Fluffbottom November 14, 2011 at 1:51 PM  

I finally got my act together last week, and though I didn't meet my goals of not buying coffee, and going to the gym in the morning, I didn't eat out, and I went to the gym after work. Its much more convenient now that its right across the street. I backslid a little this weekend, but I'm down about 6 pounds just by not eating junk so... I'll take it.

Leslie November 14, 2011 at 10:03 PM  

I didn't get my full run time in on Tuesday or Thursday so I was determined to get the 3 miles in on the weekend cuz I don't want to be going backwards when the time to the half marathon is going forward. I ran on a track for the first time and ended up beating my fastest mile time by 3min, running the whole three miles which I've never done and I lost three lbs this week!

I've been writing my food down since the challenge started, but I started using myfitnesspal this week and it really helped with the calorie counting.

I felt great after the run and still do so I'm looking forward to my run tomorrow. I have to run 6miles on Saturday! Yikes! But I'll just take it one step at a time. After doing so well on Saturday it's getting me thinking "Maybe I can run the whole half marathon." This is crazy since I just started running 13wks ago!