Embracing Life! Today Was a GREAT Day!

Have you ever had one of those days when just everything felt 'right'?  When the world seemed to smile down on you and you felt like you rediscovered something you'd lost?  Well... today was that kind of day for me!

I've been struggling with my goals, with staying motivated, with getting out the door and on with things I know I should be doing for the last couple of weeks.  And today, on a grey Saturday when I could have very well stayed curled up in bed when I first woke up, I jumped out from under the covers and hit the ground running!

In the shower I was singing.  I haven't sang in the shower for a LONG time! And I suddenly realized I *was* singing and then truly just grinned about it.  Something inside of me has changed back to how it was last year.  I'm all excited about life again... I'm making right decisions, crossing off To Do items... energized. I'm doing things for me that I know I should be doing and I feel GREAT and excited about this journey I'm on.  :)

I participated in a virtual 6K walk with other bloggers today for the Napa River Rock & Stroll to raise awareness for the Cope Family Center and prevention of child abuse.  Last night, a Twitter friend, Meg Leever (check out her great card designs @LoveMegCards) told me about 8 year old Kerra Wilson who was killed by her stepfather in Nebraska this past week, so I walked in little Kerra's memory today and felt more empowered than I have in a very long time!

Empowered to the point of where I finally decided to tackle a fear I've been ignoring far too long at the gym - the dreaded elliptical trainer! Now, granted, I have gotten on it before... but only for a couple of minutes at a time.  This afternoon, though, when I was finished with the 6K, I just decided - tired out or not - it was time to overcome my fear and "just do it"!  So, I did... I climbed on, read through the different settings, cranked up the tunes on my iPod and mastered the darn thing.  And I am stunned to admit that I actually enjoyed it!  My arms and legs were actually synced up really well, I was NOT uncoordinated and I did NOT fall off!  I was, if I do say so myself, rather graceful on it! *beam*

I will forever be grateful to my ex-trainer, Parker Robinson, who - when I was first meeting with him - told me that we would rediscover the athlete within me on this journey.

That athlete is here again.  She raised her hand and waved at me today. I kind of recognize her!

Life is good!

Dream. Believe. Achieve.
Jan / HealthyLoserGal


Poison September 25, 2011 at 9:42 PM  

Amazing!!! I love days like that!!! <3

✿islangurl December 2, 2011 at 6:34 PM  

Aloha, Healthy Loser Gal..

I love this post about having a great day. I think many of us including me can really relate to how u are and have been feeling. This time of year is especially hard for me and I find it hard to stay & keep motivated. Losing my husband 10 years ago never gets easier, and the holidays just remind me of that. So it does help to know that we are not alone.. We all struggle sometimes. The main thing is we NEVER give up!

Hope u have a wonderful fit weekend!


Elsy December 2, 2011 at 10:58 PM  

Its always great to stay positive! :)

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