Jeeeeez I am hungry...

It *has* to be ToM 'cause I am still on plan only 'cause of the weekly flex points. I have been really battling to stay "healthy" here... but I want a box of chocolate candy in front of me and me with my feet plopped up on some divan (who even has those things?! lol) and feeling all "oh, man .... this is the life"... maybe a glass of wine within arms' length, too! *grin*

I'm sticking to it - but I have to tell ya - it ain't easy these past couple of days. Boy-oh-boy!!

I guess I really DON'T want to look like the illustration below but she does look like she's enjoying herself! : )
But... so the saying goes... nothing tastes as good as thin feels. Tonight I'm having a hard time believing that, but I'm trying!