That would be TWENTY pounds gone... unhuh...unhuh.... : )

Can I just say...


And NEVER Never comin' back...
And 1/5 of my way to 100 lbs. lost!

Next goal is is to get below 240. Somehow that will seem incredible. The difference between saying I weigh 270-something and 230-something just seems light years apart!

But it is only weight - to keep it in perspective - the goal is healthy, long life. Happy healthy long life. Happy healthy damn-I-look-good long life! lol

I'm back on the blog... filling in my missing posts tonight and this weekend!!!

I CAN and WILL and AM doing this!!!

I am a strong, positive women... this weight is not something that should be holding me back... I should face it head on - and overcome it! And I do know - with God, everything is possible! : )