Totally Cool Things Happened Today...

I just have to share quickly two things that happened during the course of today.  First of all, on Twitter on Fridays there is a Trending Topic called #FollowFriday where - if you want to - you can make suggestions to your followers of who you follow and think are worthy of others following.  It is fun to do - makes people feel good when you shout out and it is fun to be shouted out at in a #FF.  So, I usually do a list of people whom I follow whom I find to be inspirational, often times people who I've learned of by listening to The Secret tapes or reading the book.  One of those incredibly motivational and upbeat and great Law Of Attraction folks is a woman by the name of Marci Shimoff.  This morning in my "Motivational #FollowFriday" list I included Marci.  She tweets back to me and says MY BLOG IS INSPIRING!  What?  I nearly fell out of my chair!  I am thrilled she took a moment to look at this blog and so grateful she took another moment to tweet that in response to my #FF mention.  Very kind and meant the world to me!

As if that wasn't enough, mid-afternoon I peek back onto Twitter and see a tweet from a small Ohio based independent pasta sauce and salad dressing company named VinoDeMilo *grin* that I follow as part of promoting #BuyLocal from farms and local retailers, producers.  They tweet to me suggesting that I try their pasta sauce on spaghetti squash and let me know I can pick it up in Stop & Shop locally.  So I tweet back, that sounds great - I will ('cause I happen to love spaghetti squash and thought - why not!?).  Within an hour, I get another tweet from them saying they've now read  my blog, and - as encouragement to keep going on my weight loss and healthy journey - would like to send me their products gratis!  HOW NICE IS THAT!?! 

So, if you ask me if I believe in the Law of Attraction, why YES, I DO!  Today I had two very visible signs of great things happening just "out of the blue".  I'm so grateful to be able to experience the little acts of kindness thru Marci saying a nice thing and the larger act of a genuinely unexpected gift coming my way thru the nice folks (Kim!) of VinoDeMilo! 

Life is Good friends... be aware of the blessings around you and give thanks and keep your mind focused on your goals!  Good things are just around the corner! : )


Kat November 6, 2009 at 10:33 PM  

You are putting out so much positive energy and that is coming back to you! Your tweets made me smile today! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

HealthyLoserGal November 7, 2009 at 9:38 AM  

Thanks, Kat...and right back atcha on the good weekend! It is gorgeous and sunny in Boston and I'm about to swoop out the door to get active! Woohoo! Have a great day & thanks for being a good friend! ;)

Diane Fit to the Finish November 7, 2009 at 9:20 PM  

You are motivating! And I loved reading through your last several posts, especially about unpacking your treadmill! That would totally be me!!