I walked 1.3 miles tonight WITHOUT PAIN!! Woohooo!! I feel so relieved I can't even tell ya! :) And I wasn't terribly tired - I had plenty of ooomph left!

It was just getting dark at 7pm when I arrived at the h.s. track. I got out of the car and - taking the advice of some of my tweeps *grin* on Twitter - I stretched out my calf and leg muscles before I went out onto the track. Why do I feel self-conscious doing stretching? I think it is 'cause I think people will see me and I believe they'll think "she's kinda overweight - what is she stretching to do?" But that is crazy talk - I seriously doubt people are watching me at all.. lol Oy! The things we think sometimes as overweight people! ; )

I had read something in Fitness magazine the other night about concentrating on your foot landing squarely - not too much on either the ball or the heel of your foot but 'kerplunk' in the middle. Maybe this was in a ChiWalking article I read from a Self Magazine link... that may have been where actually. But no matter, it worked!!

Between the stretching and the first lap of consciously landing my feet properly, I was without ANY shin splint pain. NONE! I was pretty encouraged and took it slow and steady (yup, like the turtle...) and went 1/2 mile and then 3/4 of a mile. Approaching the mile mark I was thrilled. I realized that the walk was well within my abilities!

I have been joking about it- but I have been worried about the 3+ miles. I've been getting shin splints regularly before a mile is up... but that worry is kaput! Gone. History. And I AM THRILLED!!! : )

As I walked, I thought about how thankful I am to be where I am tonight on this weightloss and health journey. A year ago could I have walked over a mile and been able to think about going more? Hell, no! No way!! Tonight - even in the humidity - I walked easily and steadily around the track. I had my inhaler in my pocket and didn't need it once! THAT IS SO HUGE FOR ME! And the fear of asthma attacks is gone for me now, too. Again: HUGE! I don't feel I need to have my cell phone with me "just in case". The phone was in the car. I didn't need it. Wasn't even concerned that I might.

I walked and felt the breeze and listened to Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt and Allmann Bros. and Christy Moore and The Dubliners and I was happy. Really, truly happy that I have come this far. I thought how my health will improve my quality of life and how when I'm next in Ireland I'll be able to hike the hills again and explore the countryside on foot - not just where I can get to in a car.

If you're reading this, thanks for your support. : ) And God, like Mark 9:23 (All things all possible for he who believes...) I do believe in myself and in You... thanks for answering my prayers! : )


Tom Carroll September 27, 2009 at 7:11 AM  

Congratulations, HLG, you sure have come a long way over the past year -- and you're noticing! It's inspiring (to me, anyway) that you're sharing your internal conversation with us and the progress that it reveals.

It's a joy to imagine you feeling better and more energized than ever as you walked the track during the tail end of the breezy gloaming with a soul-stirring soundtrack playing in your headphones. Sounds like you're heeding the call to explore the Irish countryside again -- this time with a new-found freedom to breath in the country air deeply, feeling lighter, stronger, healthier, and more connected to the creation than ever.

It's also neat to read how you gently acknowledged and honored your concern that people might wonder why someone who was "overweight" might be stretching, then you went ahead with it. Great job! There are also many people who will see you stretch and think ... She's doing it and is looking even stronger, more flexible, and happier than the last time I saw her! Man, I wonder what her secret is!

You go, gal!

Best, Tom

{ALL} for a Better Life September 29, 2009 at 8:17 AM  

This is my first time here! After following you on twitter, I just had to come on over.

I'm so proud of you, you can so do this - we both can!

Yum Yucky October 1, 2009 at 11:31 AM  

Ya know, I heard about that square footing things and I'm working on it. Glad to hear it's true. I first though it was a bogus idea.