Nice to meet you again...

Who WAS that at the gym last night?!?

Oh yeah... that was ME!!

I finally did it - I went to the YMCA in Waltham last night and completed the weight room part of Orientation. My trainer, Vinnie, was great... I told him my condition and he took it all in stride, explaining the weight machines in details and reviewing the computer system they use there to track your reps and weight "pushed", etc. For example, just in the training last night, I "pushed" over 2000 lbs. of weights. lol ME! Pushing weights at a gym. Too much to comprehend almost. And what is more - I liked it!! I felt invigorated afterwards... proud of myself.

About 4 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday I was dog tired. Really felt like I could sleep in my office if I closed my eyes. By the time I was heading home at 5:50, I'd pretty much talked myself out of keeping my appointment at the Y. But then, as I drove into my driveway, I thought, "Nope! I am going to do this!" And my mood changed completely. How many times have I bought gym memberships in the past and never gone... three times that I can remember. There are probably others. Wasted money and I don't have money to waste!

But last night I was victorious and that is how it felt. I asked questions, I asked Vinnie to repeat things I didn't understand. I asked him to show me the locker rooms as no one had done that when I joined... he explained about the pools, and the work out regimes, about cleaning off the machines, about logging in my workout, about the aerobics room and spin class and the equipment in the aerobic rooms. He told me that if I didn't understand something - go find a trainer or go to the front desk and ASK - that's what they're there for. He was a dear.

And so... for over an hour, I was at the Y... doing leg thrusts (that photo is a leg thrust machine... I'm sure it isn't called that, but still...), and quad presses, and lateral machines - I don't even know what they are all called! *grin* But I do know I feel confident enough to go again so I signed up for the next hour of orientation for tomorrow morning at 7:30am!

Did you read that? I am getting up early to go to the gym tomorrow morning!

Who am I?

Oh right... I'm the healthy girl in the overweight body, kicking to get out! That's who I am.

"Hello, I'm Healthy Loser Gal."

"Oh! I remember you. Nice to meet you again!"

I'm doing it... I'm reclaiming ME!

PS: Thank you, God, for listening to my pleas and helping me! With you all things are, indeed, possible! : )