Together We Will Do This!

My church's Lenten sermon on Ash Wednesday was about using this Lenten season to concentrate on 'what is God's plan for me' and 'am I living up to God's purpose for my life, to my God given potential?". My answer was 'no, I'm not'. I think my weight is detrimental to how I feel about my own personna, I *know* it is. I don't do social events because of my weight... I am the most social person in the world, too... but these past 10+ years, I have just gotten heavier and heavier and shrunk back from 'real life' more and more.

So, I'm doing something about that. Weight Watchers and my friends there will help. It takes someone else who is struggling at the same size to know the battle, you know? I have wanted a hershey bar all day.... badly! I keep fighting internally about it and have made it through and know I will... but man! I *really* want to taste chocolate. I know if I had one kiss, it would end up being 20. : ( Ugh.

Weigh in for me was last night. I lost another 4.8 lbs. in the past week so that makes a total of 15 lbs. in two weeks. I'm out of the 260s and into the 250s (barely!). I want to get to 240 in the next month... that is my goal. 240 by May 1st. I also had another member of the group take a photo of my WW leader, Judi, and me so I could have a record of the beginning of this journey! ; )
Not a good photo of Judi who is usually laughing and so animated...
she looks sullen here which she, definitely, is not! And I will
wear this same outfit every Thursday night for WI so I can't
say my clothes were heavier from one week to the next.