Fit & Fab & Fifty Two!

Today is my 52nd birthday! I am so incredibly grateful to be celebrating my birthday and feeling FABULOUS!  I mean it.  I feel so healthy and on my way to being really fit!

This week was a major milestone for me:  I dropped from the BMI rating of "OBESE" to "Overweight".  That may not sound like much if you've never been morbidly obese or simply obese, but let me tell you... this is a health goal I have worked on for 15 months.  I'm teared up just blogging about this because being overweight still isn't ideal for my health, but it is a far cry from when I was morbidly (as in DEATH!) obese.  I expect to be out of "overweight" BMI ranges this summer, so - friends - my life is, indeed, blessed & good! : )

I want to share the comparison photos with you below.  The one on the right was of me celebrating my birthday while visiting my son in Austin, TX last year.  I had lost 20 lbs. then and thought I was looking pretty good! I was definitely healthier than I had been the year before.  The photo on the left was taken on Memorial Day (two days ago).  I've given myself a huge birthday present... I am *me* again.  I'm not at my goal, but I can look in the mirror and be happy with who I see looking back at me. 

I'm thrilled to be celebrating my birthday with all of you.  You're my support system and a darn good one! Thank you for all the great birthday wishes - I appreciate every single one of them!

Here's to a great, healthy, fantabulous year ahead for us all!

Your 52 year old fit & faboo friend,
Healthy Loser Gal / Jan